Christofle Mood Collection

The Mood collection takes it to the next level with a striking centerpiece that is both functional and beautiful. The centerpiece is a sleek, egg-shaped capsule made of mirror-polished stainless steel, which opens up to reveal a set of 6 individual silver plated Mood cutlery pieces nestled inside.

The Christofle Mood designer egg is truly the centre of attention, not only for its unique and beautiful design but also for the luxurious flatware that it holds inside. The silver plated cutlery sets are not only functional but also add an air of sophistication to any dining experience.

The Mood Asia set is perfect for those who want to add an exotic flair to their dinner parties. The chopsticks and chopstick rests, along with the broth spoons and dessert forks, are all housed in the beautiful egg-shaped case.

The Mood Party set is ideal for hosting casual gatherings, and its sweet and savory snack silver plated cutlery pieces will be a hit with guests. And for coffee lovers, the Mood Coffee set offers a stylish way to enjoy espresso with its six silver plated spoons.

But what truly sets the Mood designer egg apart is its ability to promote conviviality and togetherness. By placing the egg on the table, guests are invited to help themselves to the silverware, promoting a casual and relaxed atmosphere that encourages interaction and conversation.

Once the egg is emptied, it can continue to be enjoyed as a stunning piece of table decoration. The gentle curves of the egg reflect the entire room, creating a visual effect that is both comfortable and stylish.


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