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Malmaison Impériale Gold

Christofle Malmaison Impériale Gold dinnerware collection

Malmaison Impériale Gold dinnerware collection from Christofle is an ode to timeless elegance. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Malmaison design, which was steeped in the Napoleonic Empire's grandeur, Christofle masterfully reinterprets these signature elements with a contemporary femininity blooming with a golden hue in the Malmaison Impériale Gold iteration.

Set against the backdrop of sleek minimalist interiors, the intricate motifs of the Malmaison Impériale Gold collection shine brilliantly, creating a bridge between historical opulence and modern sophistication. A hallmark of the collection, the floral adornment on the handle hoods, exemplifies Christofle's meticulous attention to details, when each piece becomes an invitation to curate table settings that evolve with the nuances of every occasion.

In a display of unparalleled craftsmanship, Christofle tables the Malmaison Impériale china collection in two exquisite finishes – the ethereal brilliance of platinum and the resplendent warmth of gold, exuding luxury in a way that is both sophisticated and unpretentious. Perfectly suited for grand celebrations, Malmaison Impériale Gold collection stands as a testament to Christofle's commitment to crafting experiences that are both versatile and exceptional.


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