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Infini cutlery

Christofle Infini cutlery collection

Rooted in almost two centuries of expertise, Christofle has reimagined the art of cutlery for the modern era, creating the contemporary and versatile Infini cutlery collection. Reflecting upon the diverse needs of today's dining experiences, the Christofle Studio has meticulously crafted 15 essential pieces, including two serving utensils, which redefine the traditional table setting.

A New Dimension in Dining

The Infini flatware collection introduces novel proportions to the classic dinner fork and knife, with sizes that bridge the gap between Christofle's standard and dinner sizes. Each piece within this collection is designed to cater to a myriad of dining occasions, ranging from intimate breakfasts and bustling brunches to elegant cocktail parties and more.

Redefining Elegance and Functionality

Featuring a unique blend of arched silhouettes and generous curves, the Infini spoons and forks promise a delightful dining experience that goes beyond aesthetics. The knives, with their clean lines and sharp points, exude elegance while offering versatility in the form of notched lace designs.

One Collection, Infinite Possibilities

With the Infini cutlery collection, Christofle offers an array of universal knives, forks, and spoons that accommodate a wide range of dining preferences and requirements. Among the standout pieces is the fish-sauce knife, which seamlessly merges the functions of the classic fish knife and individual sauce spoon. Designed to enhance every shared meal, the Infini flatware collection is a testament to Christofle's enduring commitment to crafting exceptional tableware for generations to come.


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