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Ecume White

Bernardaud Ecume White dinnerware collection

Enjoy the beautiful Ecume White dinnerware collection from Bernardaud, which has a very interesting texture on the surface that makes you want to touch it. This classy Limoges porcelain set pays homage to the ocean, with designs inspired by the complex patterns the sea waves make on sandy beaches.

Bernardaud combines porcelain making with the high-end technique of enameling to get the soft look on the big rims of the pieces. This creates a work of art in French style that makes any meal more special.

You can easily add to your Ecume White dishes with the amazing Ecume Gold and Ecume Platinum sets. These two other sets look just like the Ecume White but stand out because of their shiny, dishwasher-safe gold or platinum finishes. They offer many beautiful ways to present your meals, perfect for making memorable moments at fancy parties.


Ecume White

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